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7 Great Ideas to ‘POP’ Small Kitchens.

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Posted on Apr 20, 2017

A small kitchen can be designed to be efficient and stylish so that your space works well for your lifestyle, simply by adding a few smart kitchen design ideas. Whether you are on a budget or not, the best thing you can do when planning your kitchen is to work together with a professional kitchen designer to tap into their expertise, assisting you get the most out of your space with the highest quality products you can afford. A kitchen designer’s creativity will maximize your budget with items from your wish list because this is their specialty. Poor planning can be very expensive and a good designer will guide you to get the best kitchen possible for your investment, especially if your kitchen is small.

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Below are seven kitchen ideas to bear in mind when designing your kitchen:

  1. Small kitchens appear larger with light or white cabinetry.  Too much white appears rather clinical so add colour and sparkle by including a beautiful piece of artwork, colourful pottery or a contrasting color to your splash-back or counter-top. Open shelving and glass front cabinet doors are great to keep the kitchen light and airy.

2. Reflective surfaces can make the space appear larger. If you prefer darker cabinetry, soft hues or white on the walls works well.


3. Zap the clutter! Only keep the necessities that you use every day, all else to be packed away. A small kitchen equipped only with what you need will be a very efficient kitchen whereas crowded counter tops make your space appear much smaller. Your kitchen designer knows how to maximize storage so that counter tops are open and available for use.


 4. Open up the kitchen space into an adjacent room to provide more storage space/a breakfast nook or bar. Also, consider the walls for recess the cabinetry or shelving to create more storage.


6.  Maximize natural light where possible and add adequate lighting. Spot lights, feature lights, under counter lights, pendant lights over an island add style and ambiance to the heart of the home.

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7.  Make use of specialised doors. There are a variety of different drawers for different purposes… pot drawers, internal drawers for cutlery, spice drawers, recycle bin drawers to mention a few.