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By Feb 2, 2018

Galley kitchen – how to make the most of a tiny cooking space. Designing a galley kitchen to be efficient and functional requires a little planning. Galley kitchens are in one straight line with barely enough space for two people to walk past one another. Knowing this, how do you best use the space that

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By Jan 19, 2018

Lifestyle trends for 2018 is styling technology and community life! As our society continuously evolves, so do the needs of new home owners who are either building or renovating their homes. The lifestyle trends for 2018 has evolved in both architecture and home design with a focus on community and technology. This is evident with

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Outdoor kitchen
By Dec 7, 2017

Luxury outside entertainment all year-round! A recent trend in family living – internationally – is the outdoor kitchen that extends family life to other areas in the home to include covered patios and decked areas. More individuals are investing their spare time to improve their homes and create outdoor kitchens that lends itself to casual

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victorian 3
By Nov 2, 2017

Timeless kitchen design trend is “White done Right”.  Bespoke ‘white-done-right’ contemporary kitchen with classic appeal.’White done Right’ kitchens will never go out of style. It is more likely that you will get bored sooner with bolder than neutral colours. So if you choose it, choose accessories to bring about splashes of colours and shine to

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Modern, wood-white kitchen with eclectic features
By Sep 15, 2017

The new ‘chic’ in modern kitchen design is the pairing of ‘wood-white’! Wood-grain and white is the popular pairing – it adds flair, elegance and sophistication to the modern design style – currently trending both internationally and locally. What makes this wood-grain style unique? It is the simplistic pairing of wood-grain and white that is

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By Jun 19, 2017

Designer built-in cupboards, dressing rooms and walk-in closets. Get your designer bedroom – Since the bedroom is your safe place to fall every night, the comfort and quality you are accustomed too in every other aspect of your life, extends into your bedroom too. This is most often our most personal space and in keeping with

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small kitchen
By Jan 2, 2016

Designing the right kitchen for your home In most homes, the kitchen is the most well-used room in your home and often it is overlooked and possibly the most neglected when it comes to design and practicality. While kitchens should always be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, more important is the functionality of the design

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