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Effortless Kitchen Storage and Space

Plan your Kitchen Storage and Space for Effortless Living

Being the heart of your home, the hub of your family life, your kitchen design requires thoughtful planning and consideration that maximises on space and functionality. These are 12 ways to make the most of your Kitchen Storage and Space.

Most homes are following the popular trend of clutter-free living spaces. Planning what goes inside your cabinets, is as important as the selection of the beautiful finishes you wrap them in. Cabinet sizes, counter tops, backsplashes, and lighting all contribute to the function and ambiance of the kitchen. There are endless storage components and accessories available today that influence your time spent in the kitchen. It is best to choose ones that are practical, functional, and aesthetic.

The key to storage in the kitchen, pantry and scullery is to select the correct storage cabinets and accessories that make efficient use of your available space. A well-designed kitchen, that is functional and caters for your needs, makes for effortless living.

1. Power Supply

Plan and position your counter power supply at points where you will use plug-in appliances the most. A popular trend is to install a power docket on the kitchen island to charge cell phones and use appliances without taking over valuable counter space under cabinets.

popup power point

2. Drawers

Deeper Drawers are useful to store pots and stack-able items whereas shallower drawers are better for pans, cutlery, and cooking utensils.

3. Drawer Organisers

4. Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable Shelves in your cabinets allow for greater efficiency when organising items. Bear in mind that shelves sized for height will hold everything in place including serving platters, spices, and trays.

butlers basin

5. Pull-Out Units

Pull-out units like drawers, grocery shelves and recyclable bins are useful to access space that is typically inaccessible. These cabinets are designed as shelves and deep drawers to accommodate specific needs.

7. Tall Larder

Adding adjustable shelves to tall storage larder is a great way to create space for your groceries, appliances, and other bulky items.

8. Stacked Laundry Machines

stacked appliances

9. Kitchen Island

spice rack

10. Spices

11. Under the Sink

12. Wine Rack

These are just a few ideas for you to consider when designing your own kitchen. Chat to our designers to see how they can incorporate your storage and daily kitchen needs into your design.

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