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Posted on Jul 19, 2017

4 Ways to Enhance your Kitchen with Counter Tops

Your new kitchen is a huge investment in your property therefore it is advisable to bring in the professionals to advise you on how to bring all the elements together beautifully.

A large part of your budget will be spent on choosing the right counter top, and for good reason too. Your counter top considerations include the durability of the counter top to handle sharp objects and heat when preparing and cooking meals. Aesthetically, counter tops that are polished and have that ‘finished look’ complements the cabinetry and other features in the kitchen.

Below are 4 ways that kitchen counter tops can enhance the look of your kitchen:

  1. Counter top combinations

The latest trends in the industry for counter tops is a combination of firstly, quartz stone tops in either two or more complimentary shades; secondly, quartz stone tops with a wood-like top; and quartz stone tops with a glass tops.

counter tops

Bespoke kitchen with wooden top

counter tops

Bespoke kitchen – two complimentary shades of quartz tops

counter tops

Bespoke Kitchen with quartz and wooden framed glass tops

  1. Contrasting colours

Contrasting the colour of the cabinetry with the colour of the counter tops is a lasting industry trend. White kitchens cabinetry has always been trendy and can easily be enhanced and updated with the latest kitchen accessories. By choosing a dark, quartz stone countertop, your kitchen will appear classic, elegant and sophisticated. You can easily round the look off by including other dark elements like floor tiles, wall paint, splash backs, chairs as well as light fittings and features.

counter tops

Contemporary and classical kitchen

counter topsModern, contemporary open planned kitchen with wooden and quartz tops

Dark, rich cabinetry looks fantastic with contrasted lighter, natural quartz stone that can be designed and engineered to create a dramatic effect. The warmth and texture of the dark and deeper tones adds a richness to the kitchen’s overall ambiance.

counter tops

Modern kitchen, simplistic style

  1. Naturally textured

There is a growing trend for natural counter tops for more traditional type kitchens that reflects an individual’s personal style, complimented with softer cabinetry colours’ and counter tops that makes the kitchen warm and inviting.

counter tops

Modern, contemporary kitchen with wood-like kitchen top, island has white quartz and counters have light grey work tops.

counter tops

Farm style kitchen with white quartz top on island and light grey quartz tops on counters.

4. Eclectic colour burst

For the adventurous and extraordinary individual, the rule breaker and the lover of ‘the different and the unusual’, bright coloured counter tops are available in a range of acid colours’ like lime green, citrus orange and bright-sky blue to entice you.

The more popular trend however is for eclectic cabinetry or an eclectic feature in the kitchen as in the examples below.

counter tops

Eclectic feature Kitchen

When it comes to choosing a counter top for your kitchen that reflects your personality and style, the choice is endless in terms of colours, textures and finishes to spice up your dream kitchen. Visit our showroom and speak to one of our designers to view and discuss the choice of finishes and colours of counter tops.

Visit our showroom and speak to our designers about our range of kitchen counter tops that will bedazzle you!



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