How to accessorise your kitchen

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Posted on May 8, 2018

There are many opinions out there on how to accessorise your kitchen, but if you focus on these 5 categories, you’ll get the look.


Having plants in your kitchen doesn’t just look good, but also gives your kitchen a Zen vibe that everybody wants. It makes for a fresh, green look and it signals healthy eating.

Popular plants to use are Aloe Vera, African Spear and Lime tree, just to name a few. You can also use plants in the form of a hanging garden or a counter-top herb garden. It’s great to have your herbs close to the stove, depending on how much available counter-top space you have.



Colour splashes

You can use colours all over your kitchen in different areas. Off white kitchens can be switched up with a different splash of colour when you get tired of your current look.

Wallpaper murals is one way to do this, check out abstract watercolours…very trendy. You can also switch out your crockery to a new colour if you have naked shelfs to display them on. You can even go so far as to match your cabinet colours with your crockery or appliances.

Cold colours like white, blue and silver creates a clean, spacious environment. For a comfort and safe feel, opt for warmer colours like brown and oak. Natural colours is key, bring the outside in.

colour splash


Lighting can be used in different forms, but a very popular type, is pendants. The naked bulb or industrial look is suitable for the kitchen. Lighting is very important, it can give your kitchen a comfortable, homey feeling or an upmarket edge. Dimming systems are a good way to control the atmosphere.



You can also use bar stools to play around with colours in your kitchen or to brighten it up and make it a feature around the focus point, which is the island. If you want to be on top of the latest trends, copper barstools are the way to go and it also gives an industrial edge. Want the minimalistic look? Get yourself some ghost chairs.


bar stools

Appliances and Utensils

If you have nice looking utensils, hang them up or put them in a beautiful glass vase, but just show them off. Same goes for your appliances…put them on display. It gives your kitchen energy and a vibe that says, ‘Let’s cook!’




The kitchen is your stage, it’s your place to shine and be the centre of your fabulous dinner party. So, go on, and create!