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The Right Kitchen Style for You

There are many different kitchen styles available today. With most kitchens being uniquely designed for each home, we have seen a mixture of every style. With the right designer, you can create the perfect kitchen. To help you settle on a style (or mixture of styles) we have compiled a quick list of the most popular kitchen styles for you.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the style you choose will greatly affect the atmosphere of your home. A kitchen can be modern and formal, or welcoming and homely. Each has its place.

The Traditional Kitchen

The traditional kitchen is known for its elegant design. It is timeless, clean, and inviting. Traditional kitchens carry the style of each owner, and are characterised but their decorative mouldings, deep cut or raised-panel doors, natural elements, and marble counters. Each element working in harmony with the other.

The Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens incorporate frameless cabinets with sleek finishes. A more minimalistic feel, removing clutter and keeping the kitchen clean and tidy. A modern kitchen usually has state of the art appliances and technology, contributing to the smooth design. Combining a modern kitchen with a few industrial style elements, like unfinished concrete walls/surfaces, is popular too.

The Contemporary Kitchen

A contemporary kitchen is trend setting. Perhaps the perfect way to combine your favourite kitchen styles with playful character. It is also the most popular kitchen design currently. Contemporary kitchens are inviting with open planned spaces for interactive cooking and conversations. They usually combine a mix of modern and traditional elements. Including professional appliances, frameless cabinets, and comfy seating.

The Country/Farm Style Kitchen

An easy, carefree living space, the country style kitchen is cosy, honest, and homely. There are a few branches of the country style kitchen, English, French and Tuscan to name a few. Each uniquely combining different colours and elements. When combined with the Modern kitchen, this style incorporates sleek, clean surfaces with modern lighting. Typically characterized by soft colours, exposed trusses, and natural wood elements. Cabinets can be decorated with beadwork, grooves, and vintage handles. While others display colourful crockery and ornaments behind cottage pane glass cabinet doors.

The Eclectic Kitchen

This unconventional kitchen design gives you the freedom to express who you are in any form. This design is usually multifaceted, combining modern and contemporary elements with more experimental designs. Eclectic kitchens stand out visually, mixing rich, bright colours with textures. You can use the eclectic kitchen to add personalised elements and features. To avoid creating a mishmash of a kitchen, work closely with your designer to combine colours and textures strategically. This will ensure a sophisticated, visually appealing kitchen that truly reflects your personality.

The Victorian Kitchen

Considered provincial or classical, the Victorian kitchen originates from the Victorian era. It is often opulent and luxurious with ornate accessories and flamboyant decorations. Neutral floors and walls contrast beautifully with deep pastel hues and neutral colours of natural woods.

The Industrial Kitchen

The industrial kitchen is characterised by the use of natural features such as exposed concrete, bricks, metals, or natural woods. It is open plan, sleek and often includes darker lighting than other kitchen styles. Distressed metal surfaces, with oversized furnishings and light fittings.

Eurofit Kitchens and Cupboards have over 22 years of design experience. Manufacturing a wide range of kitchen styles. To start planning your perfect kitchen, visit our showroom and chat to our professional design consultants.

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