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Posted on Dec 7, 2017

Luxury outside entertainment all year-round!

A recent trend in family living – internationally – is the outdoor kitchen that extends family life to other areas in the home to include covered patios and decked areas. More individuals are investing their spare time to improve their homes and create outdoor kitchens that lends itself to casual socialization and entertainment for family and friends. The outdoor kitchen is no longer seen as an indulgent luxury, rather as a necessity in modern and contemporary homes, weather permitting. As South Africans, we are blessed with great all year round weather so most people spend a lot of time outdoors and having an outdoor kitchen lends itself to our lifestyle.

Are you planning your outdoor kitchen?

What to consider:

  • How do you enjoy entertaining your family and friends?
  • What method of grilling do you prefer – charcoal or gas?
  • Would a brick oven be useful? Think of homemade bread and pizza… yum!
  • What storage would you need to keep your outdoor kitchen well stocked?
  • How will you keep your kitchen clean, tidy and well organized, irrespective of any event taking place?
  • Would a beer tapper, wine cooler or mini bar with ice-maker do the trick to keep your guests cool and refreshed?


Roofed outdoor kitchen boasts a wine cooler, bar fridge and prep bowl for luxury outside living.

Outdoor kitchen boasting a wine cooler, bar fridge and prep bowl for luxury living.

Qualified and experienced designers

Cabinetry and counter-top finishes – Our qualified and experienced designers work with a range of cabinetry and stone finishes to accommodate any manufacturer’s grill, wine cooler and integrated fridge. We have a wide range of door and drawer styles for you to choose from – from solid doors to open shelves and even glass doors. A popular trend is the wood grain finish for bottom cabinets and a high gloss finish for top cabinets – an awesome combination! There is a huge selection of counter-top finishes that includes the supplier’s warranty – it extends to marble, granite and high-quality quarts work surfaces. These surfaces are ideal for our climate – they are resistant to fire, heat, ice, stains and won’t fade over time from exposure to UV light.

Food preparation – When it comes to food preparation, open counter-top with either stainless steel or granite prep bowls and kitchen sinks, keeps the serving and cleaning contained to one place. We have a range of accessories that compliment the prep bowls and sinks like colanders, bowls and cutting boards to complete the look.

Outdoor kitchen space planning

If you already have a sizable patio or deck area, incorporating an outdoor kitchen into that space is relatively easy. Patio’s and deck areas are designed to take weather conditions into account. If you are using the existing infrastructure, ensure that the area is large enough to incorporate everything you want to do in your outdoor kitchen as well as ensuring that you are able to accommodate everyone you want to entertain in that space.

If your home does not have a patio or deck area, you have a clean slate to design your outdoor kitchen from scratch. When doing this, bear in mind that your existing utility lines from your house needs to extend to your outdoor kitchen. Also, make sure that the space is big enough to include everything you need for your kitchen and to entertain your guests.

Roofed outdoor kitchen in a contemporary style.

Roofed outdoor kitchen with cutlery, pot and internal drawers, shelves cabinets in a wood grain finish and topped with grey quartz counter top.

Things to consider…

When planning your outdoor kitchen, bear in mind the following:

  • Positioning

The outdoor kitchen is ideally separate or at a distance from the main kitchen, yet the home is to be easily accessible as the outdoor kitchen is an extension of the living areas of the home.

  • Privacy

Having the perfect spot is not so perfect if their is no privacy from neighbours.

  • Weather

Since the intention of an outdoor kitchen is to enjoy the outdoors, the area you choose needs protection from wind, rain and sun that can damage cabinetry and appliances.

  • Waterproof finishes

If your outdoor kitchen is exposed in any way to the elements, ensure that your cabinets, counter-tops and lighting is all waterproof.

 Outdoor kitchen design

Getting to the nitty gritty, just like you would pay attention to your indoor kitchen, so would you do for your outdoor kitchen. White kitchens, both inside and outside are trending, see our article White done Right!

  • Kitchen layout – creating a functional, practical kitchen that is pleasing to the eye.
  • Cabinet design – positioning of pot drawers, internal drawers, cutlery drawers, spice drawers, clutter drawers etc
  • Lighting design – creates ambiance in the evenings by using pendant lights, spot lights, under-counter LED lights etc
  • Islands – ideal as a preparation area in a social environment.
  • Appliances – gas braai’s, integrated fridges, wine coolers, ice makers, hob, oven, prep bowl and basin.

Permits and building plans for outside structures.

In South Africa, unlike many countries abroad, regulations are flexible for stand alone walls and wooden structures however, once you put a roof over the structure, you will need approved outdoor kitchen plans.

Since Johannesburg’s weather is perfect for all year-round outdoor cooking and entertainment, the size of your living area now extends beyond the house, into the extended home.

If you would like one of our designers to meet you at your home to discuss the possibility of an outdoor kitchen for your home, please phone Carina on (011) 022 8005 or email me on carina@eurofit.co.za.

Our pride is our design, our glory is our workmanship.