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Planning a Functional Kitchen

How to plan a functional kitchen for effortless living

A functional kitchen requires thoughtful planning and consideration to maximise the space and use of the most frequented room in the home. The kitchen is after all the heart of every home. Following the latest trends of clutter-less living, planning what goes inside your cabinets with attention to detail is as important as the selection of beautiful finishes to create a well-rounded design.

There is a large variety of storage components and accessories available in the marketplace today that may enhance your time spent in the kitchen that are practical, functional and aesthetic. They key to storage in the kitchen, pantry and scullery is to effectively and efficiently make use of the available space by selecting the right storage accessories that will support effortless living and be rewarding in the long term. At Eurofit, we supply only the highest quality accessories to make your life easier and more efficient.

6 Ways to Create a Functional Kitchen

  • Power is Essential

    The latest trend in kitchen design is to have a power docket installed on an island in the kitchen to charge cell phones and use appliances without the need for extension cables.

  • Easy Access Storage

    Varying the size of your drawers – deeper drawers for pots and stack-able items and shallower drawers for pans, cutlery and cooking utensils – works well to keep your items tidy and easily accessible. Adjustable shelves allow for greater efficiency when organising items, giving you the opportunity to change things up to suit your needs.

  • Internal Accessories

    When choosing optional accessories for inside your units, you need to think about how you use your kitchen. Organise your drawers to allow easy access to the most used items.

  • Under Sink Organisation

    Sink cabinets are always tricky because of the plumbing underneath. Specialty shelves are available that have a U-shaped cut out that goes around the plumbing or adding a small pull-out to keep your cleaning supplies easily accessible.

  • Tall Larders

    Tall larders are a great place to put items you use less often. If you don’t have a pantry, adding some additional pull outs inside these also help make everything easily accessible, because there is nothing worse than losing items at the back of your cupboard!

  • Hidden Appliances

    A cluttered kitchen would drive anyone mad. Having your toaster, KitchenAid NutriBullet and a million other little things can be extremely frustrating. Adding dedicated larders to house all these items, with power points inside, can help hide the clutter while staying functional.

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