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How to Make the Most out of Your Kitchen Design Appointment

Bringing your dream kitchen to life should prove both exciting and life-changing. It all starts with anticipation and excitement for your first kitchen design appointment. To make the most of it, here is a guideline of the process and things to do.

Visit a Showroom

We invite all clients to visit our Fourways showroom. Here you will have a guided walkthrough with one of our designers. You can explore our kitchen ranges and witness our product quality.

Arrange a Home Visit

If you prefer, we can meet at your home. Designers will travel to you, as long as the kitchen space exists and is measurable at the time of the visit. If you are yet to build, we will need a copy of your architectural plans.

Before Your Appointment

Prepare Ideabooks

Browse through our Pinterest boards for inspiration. This is a great platform on which to gather decorating and re-modelling ideas. Save the ones you like and bring them with you to your design appointment.

Think about Needs and Wants

Make note of your lifestyle habits. These help us decide how best to maximise your space. Are you an avid cook where making meals is a family affair and an important part of your day, or do you prefer cooking as fast as possible? Do you like to buy groceries in bulk or as you go? Are you a recycler or collector? As simple as these questions may seem, they play a large role in optimizing your design.

Measure Up

It is important to bring measurements (as accurate as possible) of your space or supply architect drawings. Correctly measured floor plans will also affect your kitchen design possibilities. If you cannot do this yourself, our designers can come through to your home to do it for you.

Establish a Budget

Whilst we know it’s not always possible, it is helpful if you can establish a budget prior to your appointment with a designer. This will ensure that the design work presented to you is realistic and falls inline with your expectations.

During Your Appointment

Share you Likes and Dislikes

If you have a specific kitchen design and style in mind, let your designer know. Bring any pictures along that you find appealing, so we can incorporate your style preferences into your design. Similarly, if there’s anything you know you really don’t like then share this too! If you have certain expectations, make sure we hear them so we can (wherever possible) meet them.

Bring a Partner

Your partner may have some ideas of their own, so bring them along. It is also beneficial to have someone there with you to recall the discussion and to share other views regarding the kitchen design.

Disclose a Realistic Budget

If you do not disclose a realistic budget, you risk disappointment if presented with a design you love, but which you cannot afford.  Instead, outlining your budget will permit the design with the look you want, but inclusive of materials and finishes within your price range.

Ask questions

Your designer will ask lots of questions to learn about you and establish your kitchen wants and requirements. You should feel free to ask as many questions as you want of them.  You should never need to familiarise yourself with standard kitchen jargon, our designers are there to explain anything you don’t understand.

Be Open to Fresh Ideas and Suggestions

It is likely you’ll receive options you hadn’t previously considered. Consider every option presented and don’t be afraid to share your opinions. Your honest feedback is important for being able to tailor a design according to your individual preferences. Our Designers have many years of experience and always know what works best when designing a kitchen.

After Your Appointment

Designing Starts

We create your new design as fast as possible and then book a second appointment for you to come in and look at the design. This is so we can sit down with you and make changes as we go. Once agreed on, and given the go ahead, we release all copies of the plan to you.

Trust the Process

Our designers are highly qualified and have been in the business long enough to know what works and what does not work. Our goal is to help you create the perfect space, and we can guarantee we will deliver. We train our designers to the highest standards, and so are fully qualified to produce a design which is both beautiful and fully functional. We will do everything we can to transform your vision into a reality.

Have Fun

It’s not every day that you get to install a new kitchen, so with the assurance that you are being looked after by a highly skilled team who work with kitchens every day, try to relax, and have fun with it!

Working through various designs, finishes, features and pricing options is sometimes challenging, so stay in touch with us and let us know what you need guidance with.

Book your design appointment today.