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Visiting a Kitchen Showroom

6 benefits to Visiting a Kitchen Showroom

Is visiting a kitchen showroom necessary?

You want to do as much research as possible when making any significant purchase. Buying a kitchen is no different. In this article, we share the benefits of visiting a kitchen showroom and how it will influence your decisions.

Deciding on finishes, layouts and appliances take time and patience, filling your idea board as you go along. Thanks to the internet, the temptation to decide based on online browsing is high. But will your kitchen designer understand your briefing based on a few images and ideas? Are they able to make what you are looking for? Will the supplier be able to meet your expectations?

All valid questions which can be answered – in a showroom.

These are our 6 key benefits of visiting a kitchen showroom.

Brand Assurance

A website does not guarantee a supplier is a legitimate company. We have seen many customers trust chancers out to make a quick sale. Make a point of visiting your supplier’s showroom. A physical showroom proves that they have an invested interest in their business. It also confirms that they do exist and will not run away with your deposit.


Kitchen showrooms display the latest trends and popular kitchen finishes. Samples include cupboard finishes, worktops, and drawer organisation. We design them to inspire you as you walk through and experienced each show kitchen. You can judge the size and functionality of each element. A showroom also allows you to compare samples. You can feel the difference between wood and veneer panels or quartz and granite worktops.

Product Quality

Each kitchen showroom will display the range of sprayed and veneer wooden panels, appliances, and counters they offer. By visiting a showroom, you can touch and feel every element for your kitchen. You can decide if the supplier’s quality is at the standard you are looking for. You can also judge the quality of their workmanship, based on the show kitchens they have set up.

Personal Designer

Most showrooms have designers available to assist you. They look after your order and walk you through the process. They personalise your experience helping you relax and be creative. You have access to their expert opinion on the latest trends, functionality, and layouts. They will sit with you and consider your space, your budget, and your ideas.

Offering valuable insight into kitchen designs, finishes and where appliances should go. They will suggest how best to fit each element to make the most of your available kitchen space. Designers are knowledgeable about their various product ranges and prices. Giving you an idea of what each element could cost. To learn more about how a designer can help in your kitchen design journey, read our article: Kitchen Design Success.


Have you ever played ‘broken telephone’? You know the game where each player passes a message on by whispering it into the next player’s ears. By the time the message comes out the other side, it is often incorrect and not even close to the original.

Purchasing a new kitchen online would be the same. There is no guarantee your designer will understand your ideas if your only communication is over the phone or email. When visiting a showroom, you have direct access to a designer and can ensure they hear you. You can also stay in contact with them throughout the process.


Suppliers seldomly capture textures and colours correctly online. What may seem like a pastel blue online, could take on a different shade in person. In a showroom, you will get to point out exactly the finishes, colours and appliances you would like to have. You can view finishes and worktops in natural light to appreciate the subtle differences each texture and colour pick up. You can also compare finishes and appliances to see which would best suit your home.

We encourage you to take the time to shop around and visit your kitchen supplier’s showroom. Interact with a designer and make sure they can meet your expectations. You want to make an informed decision before investing a good amount of your time and money into your new kitchen.