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“White done Right!”

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Posted on Nov 2, 2017

Timeless kitchen design trend is “White done Right”. Contemporary 6

Bespoke ‘white-done-right’ contemporary kitchen with classic appeal.’White done Right’ kitchens will never go out of style. It is more likely that you will get bored sooner with bolder than neutral colours. So if you choose it, choose accessories to bring about splashes of colours and shine to your new kitchen. Also, think about the whole space including the walls, floors, backslashes and trims to get a good feel of the space. All white looks too clinical and feels cold so a mixture of colours and textures works well.

Contemporary 8

Stunning bespoke wood-white contemporary kitchen with added warmth from wood-grain finishes and raised flooring to define the space.

‘Walking on Cloud’ happens to be one of our timeless shades that works beautifully in traditional and country kitchens. White high-gloss and matt finishes looks fantastic in contemporary kitchens. Your choice of finishes needs to reflect the look and feel that you want to create.

International trends shows that even when white is technically “out”, it still appears in the Top 3 colour choices in kitchen design surveys. This means that white is always in, all year round, year in and year out.

So, what is the great attraction for white kitchens?

It has everything to do with perception and association.

It is our visual perception and associations of white is what makes white cabinets timeless. Since white is generally associated with light, we visually perceive light spaces as being spacious, clean and bright. Darker hues which work brilliantly with muted colours, like rich oaks and dark walnut finishes. Darker hues creates a more dramatic effect as the space looks smaller and feels warm and cozy.

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Bespoke Victorian white kitchen – sophisticated and intricate design style in this “white done right” beauty.

White is ‘airy and spacious’.

The ‘airy and spacious’ association works well for small kitchens as it reflects more light into the kitchen.  For medium and larger kitchens, it creates a sense of having a much bigger space. A great idea when having higher than usual ceilings is to use a dropped bulkhead with spot lights strategically positioned over preparation area.

When designing your kitchen, bear in mind the lighting features you want in your kitchen. Spot lights work well above preparation areas, LED lights under counter and above kick plates and hanging lights over the breakfast nook.

Elegant, bespoke contemporary kitchen in a white high gloss finish.

Elegant wood-white bespoke kitchen with spot lights on the bulkhead to add more dazzle and sparkle.

White is ‘light and bright’.

As in nature, colours seem lighter and brighter at sunrise and they appear more muted and less defined at sunset. So, ‘lighter and brighter’ is a buzz-word associated with white. It works fantastically in spaces with little natural light or where you want to capitalize on the available light. Lighting is an important feature to bear in mind when designing your new kitchen – it adds sparkle to a well-rounded design.

Modern (5)

Stunning modern ‘white done right’ kitchen wonderfully styled.

White is ‘fresh and clean”.

In reality, white cabinets are not necessarily fresher or cleaner than their coloured counterparts are. It is the association of white cabinets being are more hygenic and germ free that sets it apart. White kitchens appears to be fresh and clean, a wonderful illusion without any effort.

Victorian (1)

Stunning Victorian ‘white done right’ kitchen.

White is easy to decorate.

Choosing colours, styles, patterns and fixtures that work well together takes a keen eye and some talent! Fortunately, almost everything goes with white or can be paired with it. White can be paired effortlessly with any counter-top or flooring option, relieving you of a lot of pressure to make the right choice.


Classic country style ‘white done right’ kitchen with added warmth in choosing the ‘right shade’ of white.

White is Timeless

White cabinets are timeless, they have been in the top trends in kitchen design for decades now. The real beauty lies in the fact that they are more marketable to future home buyers.

Victorian (5)

Splendid Victorian ‘white done right’ bespoke kitchen with lots of attention to design elements.

Design styles…

‘White done right’  kitchens work for all design styles – irrespective whether you chose a Modern, Contemporary, Country or Victorian style.  Take your time to choose the right designer and company that reflects your taste and feel assured that you chose the right shade of white for your space and design.

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At Eurofit Kitchens and Cupboards, we stocks a wide range of white cabinetry finishes to suite your budget. Our designers are available to assist you as you journey through a plethora of design elements to create your dream kitchen. Take your time, most of your family celebrations and special occasions begin in the kitchen with everyone gathering around, so it deserves your attention and time.