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Bringing your vision to life

Creativity &


Bringing your vision to life

Why Eurofit Kitchens & Cupboards

Your home can be tailored to reflect your style and vision with our bespoke designs. We integrate the practicality of a professional kitchen into the hub of the home without compromising on elegance. Designed to meet your needs for high performance and practicality, our designs include appliances, workspaces, accessories and materials, all carefully selected based on your preferences. From conception to installation, we will guide you while focusing on the right balance between luxury, efficiency, and style. We take great pride in creating kitchens and beyond that are tailored to each client’s lifestyle. 

Well Established

Our team has over 23 years of experience in designing and manufacturing top-quality products. Our experience, skill, and sophisticated systems ensure every installation exceeds customer expectations.  

Custom-made Value

Our designs are custom-made, artistic masterpieces that offer exceptional value and on-trend quality. With the high grade materials and a special sense of style, we produce the best workmanship every time.

Durable Quality

It is our policy to only use A-grade materials for our breathtaking finishes in all our product creations in every home which are made to last a lifetime while providing quality and function. 

In-house Worktops

Worktops are manufactured in-house at our factory by experts who ensure beauty meets purpose. Worktops are the focal point of any room, so they must be tough and practical, as well as stylish.

Designed to Fit

Create a masterpiece for your guests to marvel at with every installation that is designed to fit perfectly with your home. Everything is designed to fit together to create harmony and the perfect space where all the pieces come together to make something that is remarkable.

Seamless installation

Our professional team takes out the stress of redesigning your home. We will ensure your kitchen, built-in cupboards, and vanities are installed perfectly with minimal disruption and high quality results.

Bespoke Cabinetry

Experience one-of-a-kind bespoke cabinetry uniquely designed to your taste and needs.

Optimal Storage

We design to meet your storage needs and maximise space creating an atmosphere of a refined and well-organised home.

Professional Workmanship

We manufacture all of our bespoke designs in-house. Our workmanship is guaranteed for 24 months.


About Us

Create a new way of living with redefined luxury in every part of your home with our modern and bespoke designs. Modernise your kitchen, bathroom, patio or home office with our professional design services from inception to installation. Our legacy and passion lets you know that our experienced designers have the resources and creativity to guide you through the entire process.

A brief History
Our well-established design history dates back 23 years, making us the leaders in the cabinet industry. Eurofit Kitchens & Cupboards began selling wooden boards in 1999. By 2000, we started manufacturing our first kitchens. Today, we offer our clients an exceptional well-crafted design process that is unrivalled in the industry.

Added to our portfolio of services is the creation of grandoise worktops, bespoke built-in cupboards, plumbing, tiling, electrical and renovations that create functional, usable spaces with luxurious finishes.

From kitchens and beyond, we aim to enhance the family experience whether it is indoors or outdoors. This is why every detail of your home is designed with specific functions in mind creating the sense of atmosphere you envision in your dream home.

Let us transform your home into an intimate and sophisticated living space.

Ready to design your dream kitchen?

Book a free consultation and get started today.