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Country/Farm Style

Modern Inspiration

New-Fashioned, A la Mode – “Modern” design styles refer to an era from the early to mid-20th century that broke the Traditional style after the Industrial Revolution. A “Modern” designed kitchen has frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware, strong horizontal lines, and a lack of ornamentation i.e. minimalist, with the natural beauty of the materials coming through.

Contemporary Inspiration

Cutting-Edge, Trend setting – “Contemporary” designs means of the moment, or current. The design of right now. A “Contemporary” kitchen can be “Modern” as well and also include other elements of different styles. A “Contemporary” designed kitchen includes cutting edge design and technology using the latest trends and materials.

Victorian Inspiration

Provincial, Continental, Classic and Vintage – This style originates from the Victorian era and is described as opulent and luxurious, ornate with flamboyant decorations and accessories. Decorative furniture is contracted with plain floors and wall surfaces to contrast decorative features with a preference for deep hues of pastel and neutral colours with the use of exotic woods used in furniture.

Country/Farm Style Inspiration

Tuscan, French Country, English Country and Modern Country – The “Country/Farm Style” kitchen is cozy, happy and unpretentious as a decorating style and evokes a feeling of easy and carefree living with each culture having characteristic features that distinguishes it from the other. “English Country” may incorporate florals, stripes or plaids and natural woods like oak. “French Country” style is characterized by deep and bright colours – aubergine, lavender, yellow and azure blue that are built into floral and animal prints and the furniture is robust and basic. The Italian style called “Tuscan” is warm and rustic and incorporates colours like ochre, terracotta, golden yellow and green. The finishes include natural stone, unfinished wooden pieces and textured walls accentuate the rustic feel. Furniture is stained, painted or unfinished. The “Modern Country” style has an updated look that incorporates Modern Art, furniture and lighting into the more traditional design making it more up to date, yet cozy and lived in.
Country/Farm Style is characterized with soft colours – white, classic white, soft yellow, pale turquoise or light khaki on cabinetry or a mix of cabinetry colours – one shade on the island with a contrasting hue on the cabinets; open shelving allows the space to feel larger and to be kept uncluttered; beadwork that has grooved style of panelling adds architectural interest with minimum fuss. A classic look would be to paint the cabinetry in a creamy colour that has an aged or distressed look.

Eclectic Inspiration

Avant-Garde, Off-Beat, Unconventional – This design style may be modern or contemporary and includes an experimental design element that is unusual. It may include a splash of bright colour in an otherwise modern or conventional kitchen.

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